You, the user, can see all of your own Google documents in the Import column.

But these documents are not added to Wordable unless you actually import them. So while you might be able to see them, we can't.

And while other team members on your plan might be able to pull them in, these documents are still protected by your Google Drive's default permissions (so they also won't be able to see them unless you've provided them access).

For simplicity, we'll display documents in the Imports section based on recency. However, you can also search by keyword to narrow down the selection:

If you're more organized than me, and keep specific documents in Drive folders (based on site, writing team, client, or whatever), you'll be able to also just import those specific folder documents, too.

If you'd like to import documents from a specific folder, you can click on the "Documents / Folders" drop down, search for the corresponding folders, and then select "Import All":

This way, only documents from that specific folder will get imported.

Just be aware that when you "Import All" from a folder like this, we will literally import EVERYTHING in that folder. So use wisely!

Limit Google Drive visibility to specific sources (like folders or documents within a connection)

If you’re concerned about security and privacy, and ONLY want specific folders within a connection to be visible, you can select the “limit visibility to added sources” option.

Go to Connections and look for the connection permissions you’d like to change. Then hover in the upper right-hand corner to select the “Edit” option.

Selecting this means that only you, the connection owner, is able to see and search these documents. No one else (like team members you might add) will be able to view these options.

Please note that we cache Google Drive requests, so you might not see changes in visibility right away.

Include Subfolders in Google Drive Limited Visibility
Due to a Google Drive's limitation, Wordable won't automatically detect if you add subfolder(s) to your source, but you can see those if you use the "Sync Subfolders" option.

Just please note that "Import All" won't currently work in this case, so you will need to manually look for and import the documents in your subfolders.

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