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How to connect your WordPress site (and troubleshoot if you're having issues)
How to connect your WordPress site (and troubleshoot if you're having issues)

WordPress can be tricky. Here's how to connect to Wordable, and also a few ideas to troubleshoot if you're having any problems connecting.

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Before you'll be able to export & publish to a WordPress site, you'll need to:

  1. Download and install our plugin (either from the WordPress plugin repository or by downloading it with our link).

  2. Activate the plugin!

  3. Then, go into Wordable -> Settings and click the Connect button to see the green successful notification.

Here's a quick video for how this process should work:

Did you run through those options and still getting stuck?

Troubleshooting step #1. Please make sure you're running the current minimum requirements:

  • WordPress version 5.0+

  • Wordable plugin version 8.0.1

Look inside your WordPress site, under the Wordable Settings footer to find the latest status:

Still stuck?

Troubleshooting step #2. Do you have a unique WordPress installation, or any other plugins that could be conflicting with our site?

We've recently improved multisite networks with the latest WordPress plugin release (8.0.7.). However, this, along with the following could still be causing connection errors:

  • Two-factor authentication

  • Multilingual (if a site is using a plugin to create multiple versions of their website for different languages)

If you think one of these might be the problem, please try disabling those options temporarily to get the Wordable connection properly installed. Then, after verifying that Wordable is connected, try turning those options back on and testing a Wordable export again.

Troubleshooting step #3. Want our help? No problem! We're happy to jump in and help take a look at your website.

Please reach out to us via the live chat through the Intercom link in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

Please also copy the "System Status Report" in the footer of the Wordable WordPress Settings inside your site:

If you'd like us to take a look or help connect your site, please also provide us with temporary administrator access to [email protected].

You can always delete us afterward. Unfortunately, no lower user roles will allow us to view the Wordable Settings or make changes. So please make sure you add us as an administrator before reaching out.

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